The most recent of my long-term experience in marketing and public relations, came as a marketing director for an outdoor history museum and archaeological site. During my six years there, the museum saw a marked increase in attendance and overall community awareness. I created and implemented new programs and technical upgrades. Early in 2013, I embarked on a new path in order to further hone my skills, acquire fresh technical knowledge, and meet exciting new people. Simple marketing and promotional graphic design and WordPress website design are what I excel at and enjoy the most. I'd love to talk to you about a website or about your nonprofit needs. MORE: I'm an 8th generation Florida native with passion for history, archaeology, movies and tv, and my beloved pets!

Below are three of my actor clients who have also become dear friends

Michael is a professional film and television actor with more than 40 years of experience. I have been the designer of his official website for a decade. The main focus of his site is to showcase clips of his work. All video content was edited by me with his expert supervision. I also act as his social media publicist.

Film and television actor and director, Jeff Wincott recently released his directorial debut film, “Behind Bars”. I acted as the publicist for the film as well the marketing director and graphics designer. Jeff is actively involved with his own social media, but I assist him as needed. I design and manage his official website.

International film and television actor, Stephen Mendel, is also a well-known voice artist. His experience includes commercials, industrial narration, audio books, video games, and animation. I design and manage his official website. Canadian born Mendel is also an accomplished musician, and scuba instructor.

My websites for history, archaeology, and preservation organizations

As a nearly lifelong avocational archaeologist, I was thrilled to be contracted in 2016 to manage and design the website of the Florida Anthropological Society and its 17 chapters. My continuing goal for 2017 is to provide web design and social media support to FAS and the chapters in order to further educate the public about Florida’s past.

This site was built for Dr. Uzi Baram, Professor of Anthropology at New College of Florida, to feature a project of digital reconstructions of two historic locations; Prospect Bluff and Angola. The reconstruction of these landscapes grows out of an expanding scholarship on the Maroons (“Black Seminoles” and self-emancipated people of African heritage) of Second Spanish Period Florida. Included are; project backgrounds and team members, historical timelines, videos, slideshows, and direct links to the virtual landscapes.

Since I was a two term past president of this chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society, I am thrilled to design and maintain the website for Time Sifters. Founded in 1986, TSAS has provided excavation and research support to professional archaeologists and area colleges, and has significantly contributed to the preservation of the archaeological resources of the Sarasota County, Florida area. Time Sifters is a non-profit association of professional and amateur archaeologists, plus interested citizens. They hold monthly meetings with guest speakers on diverse topics, which are free and open to the public.


A site for the documentary, “Escampaba ~The Kingdom of Carlos”. Filmed on location at Mound Key and St. Augustine, this documentary is by archaeologist, Theresa Schober. It recreates the unique and significant role southwest Florida played in the early days of the settling of the New World. Bringing the past to life with re-enactments, animations, archival photographs and environmental footage, it recreates a forgotten piece of American history. I was delighted to make this website for my dear friend Theresa, and will also be helping to publicise the film when it debuts on PBS in 2017.


I am the Secretary of the History & Preservation Coalition of Sarasota County, a collaborative organization designed as a supporting body for the dozens of history and preservation based groups in Sarasota County. I’ve held this office since February 2007. Along with the duties of secretary, I provide marketing advice for the members, as well as graphic and web design as needed. Our meeting minutes are in the form of a colorful newsletter.


I assist the Friends of Sarasota County History Center in many ways. I designed their website, I create program and event materials, I advise them on marketing, fundraising, and social media. This organization’s mission is to lend support to the Sarasota County Historical Resources and manages the Historical Exhibits & Education Center located inside the historic Chidsey Library building.


VHI is a very active historic preservation and restoration group that supports the City of Venice Florida’s Historic Preservation Board as well as the Venice Museum and Archives. Venice Heritage volunteers have raised more than $300,000 and invested thousands of hours restoring the Lord Higel House to its original glory. Additional funds are needed. Once completed, the first floor of the house will serve as an early settler museum and Venice welcome center.


A Chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society, this organization is located in North Port, Florida, and promotes archaeology through scholarly speakers, field trips, newsletters, and public events. WMSLSSAS is interested in the cultural heritage and history of our state, country, and world. Their focus is on education and preservation, and they support professional research. They provide free public presentations on archaeology, history, paleontology, and related subjects.


coming soon

My newest project will be the overhaul and redesign of the website for this amazing organization. I am honored to be on the Board of Directors, and look forward to assisting the members with promotion of their sites. The Trail of Florida’s Indian Heritage, Inc. is a Florida nonprofit membership network of archaeological sites, history museums, heritage interpreters and county, state, and national parks working together with the mission: To promote responsible site visitation and public education of Florida’s Indian heritage.

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